My name is Sara, I am 14 years old and I am a high school student at Irandatz school, in Hendaye. This course, because it is the last one, we have been asked to do internship in order to get into the work world. That is why I had the pleasure of spending a whole week with the team of Dibulitoon Studio, a company based in Irún that produces animated films. I must admit that I was quite nervous, but after having met them all, I have been very happy and I can say that they have seemed almost like a family, which has welcomed me with open hands.

I have been taught about the magic of creating a film from scratch, how every detail matters, every idea, every help … I must say that I was very impressed that in just one second of the film there are 24 images! In movies, they are called “frames”. Incredible, isn’t it? If we think that a film lasts more or less 1 hour and a half, then we would be talking about 129 600 different images.

Now they are producing a film about the first voyage around the world, 500 years ago. Personally, I already knew something about Magellan, the captain of the expedition, but Elcano’s name was something else. In Dibulitoon I have been told that Elcano was a sailor from Getaria. It seems a pity that he is not known, because he was who really managed to finish that dangerous journey when Magellan died during the adventure. The most surprising thing about the film is that it is true to what happened, turning it into a most exciting adventure story for the whole family.

I am the type of person who loves to paint (especially in pencil) so I have done some drawings inspired by the theme and style of the film. And I must say that I was impressed by the more than one hundred different characters developed for this film.


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