In today’s post we invite you to know the sonority of two distant languages with which Elcano and the rest of the sailors met during the great expedition of the first voyage around the world. Here you have two sound files with the voices of Karmele Sagastasoloa speaking in Cebuano, and that of Anita Ganthmir in the Tidore language.



Both of them have helped us selflessly to translate into their languages some script sequences of the film, and they have also recorded them as a reference for the professional dubbers who will do the dubbing of the film at the end of September.

Cebuano is the language in which the indigenous people of the island of Cebu received the expedition after their long and painful journey across the Pacific. Cebu belongs to the Philippines today, and the Cebuano, belonging to the family of the Visayas languages, is a language spoken by around 21 million people.

The language of Tidore is the language that the sailors heard when they arrived in the Moluccan Islands, the islands of the precious spices. It is one of the 780 languages that belong to the family of the Papúes Languages.

Undoubtedly, like all languages, also the Cebuano and the Tidore language have undergone an evolution throughout all these years, from the s. XVI until today … Surely 500 years ago they did not sound the same! However, Karmele Sagastasoloa and Anita Ganthmir have done the translations in the current languages. They sound great … but for now, we will not reveal what they say!

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