Today is the “Disembark of Elkano”’s day, a representation which is commemorated every four years and in which residents of Getaria have a great involvement. Taking advantage of the occasion, the Mayor of Getaria, Nikanor Lertxundi, has offered us this interview. Thanks Nika!

As Mayor, which emotions do you feel when you see the representation of the scenes of the Elkano disembarking in Getaria?

They are exciting moments for al lof us, the entrance to the port of the ship, the salvas, the sirens, the representatives of the continents … in spite of being a representation, it excites us all.

How do people of Getaria live this day? There is a great participation …

It is already a rooted custom and the people from Getaria live it with emotion. That is perceived through the participation with which this day counts. In addition, an act like this, must be participatory because otherwise, it would not make sense or won’t be possible.

This year the sailors will arrive at the port in the replica of the Victoria ship. A great opportunity, right?

Of course. The opportunity to do so arose and we have taken advantage of it. Without a doubt, it will give a special touch to this year’s disembark. In addition, the residents of Getaria and all those who come, will have the opportunity to visit the ship since it will remain all week in Getaria.

What significance does Elkano have for the people of Getaria?

It is the main protagonist of a historical event.

How will Getaria celebrate the 500th anniversary of Elkano’s great adventure?

We want to take advantage of the event to make known throughout the world the importance of the maritime culture of the Basques in that time: shipbuilding, the skill of sailors when it comes to traveling and sailing, forestry, ironworks …

Despite his great feat, circumnavigating the planet for the first time, the figure of Elkano is quite unknown. What do you think is due?

Quite unknown … I would say that it is totally unknown. As in other aspects of history, this is also the history of those who write it, and it is very evident. In fact, in the chronicles of the time, the great protagonist is Magellan. Therefore, now it is up to us to rewrite the history of Elkano and give it the value it deserves.

What values ​​does Elcano suggest you?

The ability and courage to make the right decisions in difficult situations.

Do you like adventure movies?

Yes, I’m a big fan of adventure films.

In case you go to see the movie “Elcano and Magellan, The First Voyage Around the World”, with whom will you go?

With Elkano himself, hahaha …!

If you had Elkano in front, just a minute … What would you say him?

!! Congratulations!! Where have you been?

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